Worship@4 is warm and welcoming, deliberately geared towards the younger generations and those who are young at heart, though of course everyone is welcome!


Worship@4 has a fresh, modern and relaxed approach with multimedia and music from the latest Christian artists. It’s designed to be relevant, upbeat and engaging, whilst developing a deeper relationship with God.  It starts and ends with drinks and cake—important for getting to know people—and these continue to be available throughout (help yourself). The talk is brief, built around God’s word in the Bible and all that it means or us today. Children are very welcome to join you, they will enjoy the music and there are adjoining rooms for children to play (unsupervised) during the talk.


Join us from 4pm (until 5.15pm) on: 24th Nov,  8th Dec, 12 Jan, 26 Jan, 9 Feb and 23 Feb.

Worship@4 music style

Why not have a listen on the links above to some of our favourite Worship@4 songs.