• ice

    ICE is a purely social youth group for School Years 9, 10 and 11+.   

    On our social nights we have everything you would expect, air hockey, table tennis, basket ball, snooker, wii, wifi, music, chill out room and of course a tuck shop!  You don't have to come every week (sometimes homework takes over!) and look out for the summer specials (see below).  Contact Lee on 0745 3511181.

  • may camp

    Every year we join youth groups from across Sussex at May Camp for a weekend of fun, camping and learning about Jesus.

    It is a brilliant weekend - not to be missed. 

    For details contact Lee on 0745 3511181.

  • hot potatoes

    Once every half term on our programme we have a 'Hot Potato' night. For this evening we gather to discuss a hot social topic, time to look at different points of view, discuss and reflect. Everyone has a fee pot noodle too (no not a jacket potato!)

  • summer specials

    In the summer term we combine with TNT Youth Group for a whole series of summer specials, in the past these have included sumo wrestling, water rounders, hungry hippos, charity car wash and of course our annual water slide and garden party!