who's who

  • vicar

    Paddy MacBain

    01825 790269

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    (Day off is usually Wednesday) 

  • Youth outreach Worker

    Lee Buck

    0745 3511181

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  • Churchwarden

    Shelagh Gilliam

    01825 790803

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  • churchwarden

    Terry McHattie

    01825 790963

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  • safeguarding officer

    Ally Large

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  • Pastoral Care Co-ordinator

    Cedric Parrish

    01825 740 465

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  • Verger

    Jennie Marten

    01825 790396

  • lay reader

    Derek Heath

    01825 790696

  • PArish Church Council

    Tony Blake                                    Sue Hicks                        Barbara Rae         

    Caroline Chaplin (Secretary)         Terry McHattie                Ingvar Svenson (Treasurer)

    Charles Critchley                          Ally Large                        Jenny Virtue

    Jenna Davies                                Will Loveridge         

    Shelagh Gilliam                             Cedric Parrish