All Saints Church Vision

Our church vision is:

      All Welcomed and Loved

      Thriving Services For All

      Passionate About Our Faith

      Plenty of Leaders

      A Hub for Outreach

     Growing Home Groups

Beliefs and Mission

Jesus Christ meets our greatest need: We believe that our greatest need is not health or success, but to know the God who made us. We are made in God's image, yet we often fail to love God and our neighbour as we should, and in this sense we do not deserve eternal life. Yet Christ died for us so that we could be forgiven and know God, both now and for ever. We receive God's love not through our own efforts but by trusting in the Lord Jesus who died for us. Our passion as a church is to reach out with this good news to our parish and beyond.

God has made himself known: We believe that God has made himself known clearly and powerfully through the Bible. As the Bible is taught, the Holy Spirit brings us to know Christ and to share his love with others. The Scriptures are therefore at the heart of our churches' life.  

We are an Anglican church: We welcome Christians of any flavour! However we are committed to the teaching of the Church of England, as outlined in the 39 Articles of Religion. We are a church within the Diocese of Chichester are also active members of the Sussex Gospel Partnership. A summary of the message at the heart of Christianity can be found on the Two Ways to Live website.

We aim to reach others with God's love, to build them up in faith and to send them out in joyful service. Our church mission statement is therefore:  

 'To know and share the love of Christ'

We seek to achieve this goal as we:

1. REACH people for Christ 

2. BUILD people up in Christ 

3. SEND people out for Christ 

This follows the pattern of Jesus. He reached the disciples, built them up in faith and sent them out to share his love and to speak for him (Matthew 28:18-20). 

Here are some examples in our churches' life. 

REACH: social events, friendships, inviting people to church, Noah's Ark, Food for Thought, enquirers' courses, youth groups. 

BUILD: sermons, home groups, Sunday school, prayer meetings. 

SEND: serving in church, giving, loving and serving in our families, at work, in our community, inviting people to church, telling them about the Lord Jesus. 

Please join us - there is a part for YOU to play! What will it mean for you to 'know and share the love of Christ'?