Orchids & other Flora in our churchyard

All Saints, Danehill Churchyard is a very special place.  The churchyard is home to 34 species of wild flower including four orchid species. Pictures above are Common Spotted Orchid, Autumn Ladies Tresses and Green Winged Orchid (left to right or top to bottom on a mobile device).

The church was built over 125 years ago on a 'greenfield site'. In other words a field used for centuries before for animal grazing. The churchyard continued to be grazed by mowers and no fertilisers or agrochemicals have been used. Consequently the flora has continued to flourish, whereas almost all the surrounding pasture has been 'improved' and is now starved of flower species, which cannot compete with super-charged grasses.

Care of the church yard

Once the orchids begin to grow mowing is reduced until the flowers have set seed. Mowing pauses again in the Autumn for the rare fungi. We have a 'Churchyard Management Document', which is available here: Churchyard Management.