Baptism Service Notes

for Parents & Godparents

Hello! We are looking forward to welcoming you all to All Saints for the christening.

Our service is informal in style and will have an activity group for any children attending and a creche room is available for pre-schoolers. For sat nav/directions RH17 7EY.

In a baptism service, we are thanking God for his gift of life and publicly acknowledging his love. We are acknowledging that we all need to turn away from the darkness of evil and to make a new start with God.

As parents and godparents, you will be asked to declare publicly and on the child’s behalf that you believe in God and that you will bring your child up to follow Jesus with the support and encouragement of the church. The Christian community promise to support you and to pray for you and your child.

During the service you will all be invited to the front of the church for the following declarations:

       Do you renounce the deceit and corruption of evil?

       Parents and godparents: I renounce them.

       Do you repent of the sins that separate us from God and neighbour?

       Parents and godparents: I repent of them.

       Do you turn to Christ as Saviour?

       Parents and godparents: I turn to Christ.

       Do you submit to Christ as Lord?

       Parents and godparents: I submit to Christ.

       Do you come to Christ, the way, the truth and the life?

       Parents and godparents: I come to Christ.

We make it easy and will have the wording printed for you. After this we will then all move to the back of the church, where the font is, for the baptism.

As a parent/godparent we would encourage you to explore more about the Christian faith which will help you as you guide the child as they grow up. It would really help if you watched Alpha video (just 20mins) which you can find here: Alpha Online

If you have any questions about the video or the forthcoming service, please feel free to get in touch. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Warm regards,

          Paddy MacBain (Vicar)                                                                        Kate Dillingham (Children & Families Worker)


          01825 790 269                                                                                      07765 846925